Values Passport

At Eaton Park Academy, we strongly believe in promoting values that underpin our school’s ethos and celebrate Britain. These are upheld by staff and children to ensure a positive learning atmosphere and provide children with an enjoyable school life.

These values have been split into six core values, which hold many characteristics within them:

M – Moral
A – Adaptable
S – Successful
T – Thoughtful
E – Enthusiastic
R – Respectful

Each child has been presented with their own Eaton Park Values Passport, which are to be kept in school. Under each of these values, there are a series of qualities and tasks that they will be looking to achieve over the course of this year. They will be separated into bronze, silver and gold elements, with the challenge set for them to strive to successfully demonstrate each quality. If they are able to complete each value area, they will be celebrated as a ‘MASTER’ of Eaton Park Values.

Rewards will be given throughout the year to those that are able to complete full elements of the passport. For parents that wish to fully support, there are tasks which contribute towards the passport which can be completed at home. A copies of the passports are available below.

To further support each of these values, there will be focus assemblies for each core value as well as opportunities to celebrate children’s achievements in demonstrating each one.