Timings of the school day

Our breakfast club is open every morning, available from 8am until 8:30am which is the last serving. Charges apply.

Doors open at 8:40am and are locked at 9:10am. School commences at 8:50am, but pupils are encouraged to enter class when the doors open at 8:40am to ease congestion. The school cannot accept any responsibility for a child’s safety and welfare before this time.

FS children, attending after 8:50am, must report to the school office to be signed in. Children arriving late in KS1 must report to the member of staff at the double doors at the top of the playground and children in KS2 must report to the members of staff on the KS2 playground who are on late duty.

Doors open at 3:05pm for the collection of EYFS pupils, 3:10pm for KS1 pupils and 3:15pm for KS2 pupils.


8.50 am Morning Registration

9.00 – Handwriting/Interventions             Nursery – Phonics

9.25 – Morning Session

10.45 – Phonics/English

11.30 – Lunch

12.15 – Afternoon Registration

1.00 – Maths

1.30 – Afternoon Session

2.30 – Topic

3.05 – End of the school day



8:50am- Morning registration & start of the day activities

9am- Assembly/spelling and phonics

9:30am- Session 1

10:35am- Break

10:50am- Session 2

12:00- Class novel

12:10- Lunch

1:00pm –Afternoon registration

1:10pm – Guided reading/bug club

1:40pm- Session 3 & 4

3:10pm- End of the school day



8:50am – Morning registration & start of the day activities

9am – Assembly/Guided reading

9:30am – Session 1

10:45am – Break

11am – Session 2

12pm – Spelling/Handwriting

12:25pm – Lunch

1:10pm – Afternoon registration

1:15pm – Afternoon sessions 3& 4

3:15pm – End of the school day