Hungry Caterpillars & Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish

Teacher: Mrs Minshall

Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Jones

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bourne


The Hungry Caterpillars

Teacher: Mrs Smith

Early Years Practitioner: Mrs Bourne

SEN Support: Mrs Tonks

Welcome to Reception. We are a happy class of 63 children who are split into The Rainbow Fish and The Hungry Caterpillars. We share a huge classroom where we have fantastic resources to help us with our learning. Every day we do phonics lessons. Phonics helps us to identify all the sounds that make up words. We learn the correct way to form letters and put them together to write words and sentences.

In Maths lessons we enjoy using Ten Town to help us with our counting skills and number recognition. We like to meet the characters and listen to their special stories. The characters even help us to write numerals correctly. We also enjoy using Numicon in our maths lessons. Numicon is brightly coloured and multisensory and its colourful tiles help us to understand numbers and the number system.

One of our favourite things to do in Reception is to get messy! We love using paints, glue, foam, dough, glitter to be creative and help us with our fine motor skills. We also love using our fantastic outdoor area. We have an amazing road track for our bikes and scooters, a huge climbing frame, a trim trail to practise out balancing skills and six purpose built play houses. We love using real tools in our building shed, we grow things, investigate and do experiments in our investigation station.

What We are Learning

Each half term in Reception we have a new topic. Our first topic is all about Animals. We will be reading stories and finding out about all kinds of different animals from the ones we keep as pets to the ones in the coldest places on Earth. Later on in the year we will have a range of different topics that include Space, Superheroes, New Life and By the Sea.

Helping Us at Home

In Reception, we are learning lots of new letter sounds, it is really important that you practise our new sounds at home to help us remember them. We also need to read our book at home three times a week so that we can become super readers.

Other things that you can do at home to help are:

·         Practise name writing (including surname)

·         Lots of counting and finding how many altogether

·         Practise getting dressed independently (especially buttons and laces)