Little Acorns

Teacher: Miss Barlow
EYP: Mrs Bourne
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bourne

Hello and welcome to the Little Acorns class page!

We are a very cheerful class who take good care of each other.
In our classroom, we have lots of different areas that help us to further our learning. Currently in our classroom we have a ‘Tesco’ role play area where we enjoy writing shopping lists and receipts for the things we have brought. We also use our counting skills to select the correct amount of money. One of our favourite areas of the classroom is our reading garden, in there you can relax under the twinkling lights with a good book- you may even spot some characters from the Gruffalo! We also have story shelves that we can use to help us act out and retell some of our favourite stories. Another area that we love is the construction area, this is where we get to choose our own activity for the day, we like to build, stack and construct with our friends helping each other out along the way.

What we are learning?
Now that we are in Reception, we are working hard on our letter formation. We try our best to remember that each letter needs to be sitting on the line, it needs to be formed correctly and also not to big! We already know lots of our letter sounds so now in phonics we are beginning to put the sounds together to build words that we can read for ourselves. To help us with this skill we use our ‘robot arms’ which helps us to think about each sound in the word.

In our maths lessons we are focusing on accurate counting, number recognition and number bonds to 5. We have been using counters, Numicon and number lines to help us with our maths and we use these things daily during our maths lessons on the carpet.

This half term our topic is called ‘Why do squirrels hide their nuts?’ before we launched this topic we shared what we already knew and then thought about what we would like to learn. Here are a few questions that we thought about;
“Where do squirrels store their nuts?”
“Why do hedgehogs curl up into a ball?”
“Where do the birds go once winter is on its way?”
Throughout the topic, we should have answers to these questions! We also be learning about the changing seasons, woodland animals and hibernation. If we’re lucky, we may even have a very special hedgehog visitor one afternoon!

Helping us at home
In Reception, we must have our reading books in school every day. It is important that we read at home at least three times every week. This is to help us to embed our letter sounds and to help us to become more fluent readers. It also gives mummies and daddies, nans and grandads, aunts and uncles a chance to see just how hard we are working at school!
It is helpful if you can practise writing our name with us (first and last).
Lots of counting is also beneficial for us. You could count objects around the home, count forwards and backwards. We will be working with numbers to 30 but if you can practise counting beyond that even better!

We will be having weekly spellings sent home and it would be great if you could practise them with us in preparation for when we need to do them at school.