Elmer Elephants & Rainbow Fish



Teachers: Miss Barlow and Mrs Minshall

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Bourne, Mrs Jones & Mrs Bourne

Welcome to Reception! We are a happy class of 62 children, who are split into The Rainbow Fish and The Elmer Elephants. Mrs Minshall and Miss Barlow are our class teachers; Mrs Bourne and Mrs Jones are our EYP’s and Mrs Bourne is our teaching assistant. Each day in Reception we have phonics lessons where we learn our sounds, how to form our letters correctly, how to read words and sentences and how to write words and sentences. We are very fond of our robot arms in Reception, and we like to use them to help us with our blending and segmenting.

In our maths lessons we enjoy using Ten Town to help us with our counting skills and number recognition. We like to meet each of the characters and listen to their special story. We also enjoy using Numicon in our maths lessons which allows us to be practical and helps us to solve problems, we can even use the Numicon to show how we make teen numbers.

One of our favourite things to do in Reception is to get messy! We love playing with dough, foam, gel, rice and glitter to make marks in and to develop our fine motor skills. We also love using our outdoor area where we can build with the wooden construction blocks, climb on the climbing frame and investigate the garden.

What We Are Learning

Each half term in Reception we have a new topic. So far this year we have investigated animals that live in the jungle, we have looked at different celebrations that include Bonfire Night, Christmas and Diwali. Our current topic in Reception is called ‘Old and New’. We have been comparing our toys to toys from many years ago that our parents and grandparents may have played with. During this topic we will be visiting Hanley Museum to handle some toys from the past. We are also investing the different signs of spring including new life. We have been fortunate enough to have an incubator with seven duck eggs in our classroom and the children were thrilled with the seven ducklings that we were able to take good care of. We have even taught them how to swim! Some other topics that we will be looking at this year are; ‘Space’ when we will be visiting the National Space Centre and ‘By the Sea’

Helping Us at Home

In Reception we are busy learning lots of new sounds, it is really important that we practise our new sounds at home to help us to remember them. We also need to read our book at home three times a week so that we can become super readers. Each week we will be bringing home a spelling book with a few new words for us to learn how to spell, on Monday’s we will then write our new words that we have been practising at home. Other things that you can do at home to help are;

  • Practise name writing (including surname)
  • Lots of counting and finding how many altogether
  • Practise getting dressed independently (especially buttons and laces)