Pupil Voice

At Eaton Park Academy, we ensure that our pupils lead the way and take control of their school. We have many different pupil teams which are created using a democratic approach involving the children voting for the most appropriate pupil for the role.

Our Junior Leadership Team 2017-2018

Head Boy: Benjamin Fielding

Deputy Head Boy: Harry Gething

Head Girl: Celie Bates

Deputy Head Girl: Dulcie Deaville

Ambassadors, 2017/2018

Taylor Barrowclough

Cassidy Beckwith

Libbie Cassidy

Aaliyah Cornwell

Rihanna Greatbatch

Madison Hardy

Tia Isherwood

Shamiso Kanengoni

Hamera Khaliq

Jamie McCormack

Summer Pickerill

Leah Rigby

Katie Seadon

Rosie Talbot

Kaela-Louise Tinsley


“I aim to be a role model to other pupils and lead by example, and I always offer my support when needed.”

(Hamera Kahliq)

“Being an Ambassador is a great way to express your feelings about school. It makes me feel privileged to have the responsibility.”

(Taylor Barrowclough)

Our Eaton Park Academy Council 2017-2018

Key Stage 1 Academy Council



2B: Lacey-Mae Attwood

2M: Caitlin Marrow

Key Stage 2 Academy Council

Y3B: Liam Poppinger


Y4R: Jenson Farthing

Y4B: Lillie Steele

Y5H: Trinity Degg

Y5J: Tegan Sutton

Y6B: Taylor Barrowclough

Y6C: Benjamin Fielding

Y6S: Harry Gething

Eaton Park Academy Playground Warriors 2017-2018

Autumn 2017

Y2: Kian Allinson and Connor Gibson

Y3: Finley Rossi and Lacey Seadon

Y4: Emily-Mai Gibson and Krystian Siwik

Y5: Toby Cooper-Bourne and Jaden Wilson

Y6: Hollie Cawley, Dulcie Deaville & Leah Rigby

Eaton Park Science Ambassadors 2017-2018

Hamera Khaliq

Benjamin Fielding

Harry Gething

Madison Hardy

Warren Livingstone

Jamie McCormack

Summer Pickerell

Eaton Park Digital Literacy Leaders 2017-2018

Archie Johnson

Ollie Amos

Ronnie Deakin

Lucy Procter

Dominic Kelly

Abi Mountford

Summer Pickerill

Liam Chick

Rylan Mannion