Pupil Voice

The Children’s University

The academy is a member of Stoke Children’s University, supported by Staffordshire University. The scheme is continuing to flourish in school and is enjoyed and valued by pupils, parents and staff.

Up to July 2015, over 90% of all KS2 pupils had earned learning hours by taking part in after school clubs, taking on roles of responsibility in school or taking part in Family Learning and in-house family events. About half of these KS2 pupils achieved the Bronze Level Award or above and were proud to graduate in ceremonies hosted by Staffordshire University or delivered in school by university Staff.

Some pupils have progressed through to the Certificate Level, achieving 100 plus learning hours, whilst a few pupils are working at Diploma Level having achieved more than 230 Learning hours to date. Well done to all!

“Children’s University encourages us to spend more time learning new skills outside the classroom.” (Tyler)

“I am so proud to be part of the Children’s University. It is helping me to grow up. I am working hard to achieve my next award.” (Charlotte)

Parents said that the Children’s University initiative is:

“A fabulous opportunity to recognise and celebrate learning that often gets missed.” (S.Gibbins)

And an opportunity for pupils to:

“Further their learning, encouraging them to continue in Further Education when they are older.”  (R .Robinson-Collier)

Eaton Park Academy Head Boy/Head Girl

Head Boy: Harvey Canavan

Deputy Head Boy: Harvey Hodges

Head Girl: Lois Cassidy

Deputy Head Girl: Caitlin Morrey


“I aim to be a role model to other pupils and lead by example, and I always offer my support when needed.”

(Brandon, Ambassador 2013/14)

“Being an Ambassador is a great way to express your feelings about school. It makes me feel privileged to have the responsibility.”

(Caitlin, Ambassador 2014/15)

Ambassadors, 2015/16

Brooke Walley

Chloe-Jayne Gibson

Leila Totton

Lucinda Bowcock

Charlotte Aldridge

Chloe Shufflebotham

Amelia Mandley

Ashley Williams

Amber-Mae Finney

Lauren Cotton

Georgia Hotham

Jade Chandler


Key Stage 1 Academy Council

1S: Darcie Morgan – Sumner

1FH: Thomas Livingstone

2P: Ronnie Deakin

2D: Skye Rowley

2B: Lucy Proctor

Key Stage 2 Academy Council

Y3R: James Gething

Y3S: Joel Thomas-Heath

Y4J: Calla Williams

Y4C: Madison Hardy

Y5S: Charlotte Loftus

Y5H: Lila Teece

Y6B: Kyle Hilditch

Y6LW: Leila Totton

Eaton Park Academy Peer Mediators.

“I enjoyed the responsibility of helping people to get on together and make friends.” (Rhyis)

“You learn to understand other people’s point of view, and now I can sort out my own problems without getting the teacher involved.” (Kadie)

Autumn 2015

Ethan Allmark

Taylor Barrowclough

Celie Bates

Kyla Bromfield

Hollie Cawley

Liam Chick

Joshua Clewlow

Aaliyah Cornwell

Ethan Dudgeon

Emma-Leigh Ellis

Shamiso Kanengoni

Jamie McCormack

Ellie-Ann Sawyer

Rosie Talbot

Kaela-Louise Taylor

Eaton Park Academy Year 5 Prefects

“I was happy to be a Prefect. I learnt how to set up the computer in the hall each morning so we could use it in assembly. It was an important job.”


“I felt very responsible as a year 5 prefect. I enjoyed helping the little children to get their milk and fruit every day.”


Prefects, 2015/16

Mubaraq Akinosi (5H)

Sophiea Bagnall (5H)

Chaney Bartley (5S)

Jessica Beardmore (5S)

Riley Broad (5S)

Luke Breeze (5S)

Lilly-Grace Ford (5H)

Paige Mandley (5S)

Madison Moore (5H)

Charley Pearce (5H)