Pupil Targets

Eaton Park Academy are committed to providing every child with every opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards. Setting tight, focussed and measurable targets is the means by which we improve the attainment of all pupils. We have different forms of targets which we utilise to ensure the children know where they are, what they are aiming for and what they need to do to achieve their targets.

Long term

The end of year expectations are shared with pupils and parents/carers at the start of the academic year and are referenced to throughout the year to ensure they have a clear understanding of what is expected and what they need to achieve. The objectives within end of year expectations form in to lesson objectives which are always shared with the pupils and continually reinforced. They are also reinforced through marking and are used as the basis for pupil personal targets.

Medium term

At the end of each half-term, teachers and children review achievements in reading, writing and maths, identifying strengths and next steps. The next steps are identified and recorded as the child’s targets within their pupil-profile which is shared and discussed with parents/carers at family conferences (held during the Autumn and Spring terms) and sent home so that learning can be supported at home. The children’s targets are always in their books so that they can refer to them continually and so that they can reviewed, annotated and changed on a day to day basis, based on discussion, work outcomes, marking and daily assessment.

Short term

On a daily basis, children continually receive feedback from their class teacher, class TA and from their peers, in the form of written and oral feedback. Feedback focuses on celebrating achievement and identifying and addressing misconceptions in order to move learning forward. When necessary, children are given next steps which they follow up during ‘Fix it’ time. Short term targets ensure that children’s misconceptions are addressed instantly and so that children recognise their own achievements and improve, consolidate and extend their learning.