Teacher: Mrs D Jones

Early Years Practitioners: Mrs A Cooper & Mrs L Boden

Teaching Assistants: Miss R Bailey & Mrs N Livingstone

There are 60 children at Eaton Park Academy Nursery with 30 in Twinkle Stars and 30 in Little Teapots classes.

Each day we come into our classroom to find out what exciting activities and resources are waiting for us. At the moment we are enjoying lots of different role play and speaking and listening activities to help us to settle in and feel safe at Nursery.

There are lots of creative opportunities, both inside and outside our classroom. We can even paint outside! We have a huge sand pit outside where we search for all kinds of lost treasure, make sand models, use our number knowledge and mark make. We enjoy lots of different ways of mark making such as with chalk, paint and water as well as with crayons and pencils.


What we are learning

In Nursery, we learn how to follow rules for good looking, listening and sitting. This might not sound very difficult but it is something we need to practise so we are ready to learn. We are also learning about how to have kind hands, kind feet and to say kind words. Lots of us are already very good at this!

Our topic at the moment is about ourselves and people who help us. We have a Doctor role play where we care for our friends when they have an (imagined) injury or illness. This helps us to develop our communication skills which are an especially important part of our learning.

We will enjoy learning about lots of other topics throughout the year and information on these will be posted on ClassDojo so you know what we are learning about.

We are very lucky to enjoy musical activities with Mrs Davies on a Monday as well as PE with Mr Bell. During the year, we will also be going on some exciting visits to different places to find out more about the world around us.

How you can help us at home

There are lots of ways you can help us but the most important way you can help at the moment is to encourage us to walk into the cloakroom by ourselves. We are very proud when we can find our own coat peg and hang our coats and bags up all by ourselves.

You can also help us by counting with us. Anything at all can be counted such as footsteps, claps, conkers or cars and this will help us with our number work. A bedtime story is the perfect way to end each day and will really help to develop our reading skills.