Halloween safety tips for families
Halloween is one of the most anticipated nights of the year for some children. Pass on the following safety tips from the Safeguarding Children’s Board to families so we can make it a fun and safe night for kids of all ages.
Make sure younger children (13 and under) are always accompanied by a responsible adult when trick or treating.
Find out where and when older (14+) children are trick or treating, who with and when they are expected back home. Ask them for a map of the route they intend to follow.
Make sure older children have charged and credit-loaded mobile phones on them when trick or treating.
Make sure older children trick or treat in groups of 4 or more – certainly never alone.
Make sure all children know never to enter a house of a person not well known to them, even a neighbour.
Try to use reflective clothing for costumes when children are out after dark so they are more visible to traffic, and give them a torch to take with them. If using a mask, make sure the child can see well when wearing it.
Never leave lit candles or pumpkins near curtains, on sofas or by anything else that could catch fire. Always put them on stable, heat-proof surfaces, out of the reach of children. Keep in mind that costumes can be extremely flammable – always use glow-sticks in pumpkins for children.
Tell children only to eat factory-wrapped treats. Throw away any that have been opened or tampered with. Avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers.