Next week (7th October) is our aspirations week, where we will be spending time raising the children’s aspirations by learning about different careers and exploring their hopes and ambitions for their future. We have a range of people coming into school to talk to the children about their jobs and how they achieved their dream job. Classes will be visited by many people to talk about their jobs. We have a footballer, a vet, an audiologist, a writer, a member of the navy, a nurse, a paramedic and a manufacturing engineer visiting the children so far.

We are aiming to drive aspirations for our children and their families. We believe that it is crucial that our children are exposed to a range of different occupations during their time at Eaton Park to develop their knowledge and understanding of different career paths and to raise their aspirations for their futures. We have also arranged opportunities for the children to visit real life workplaces in the coming weeks.

If you can help with our aspirations week, please speak to Mrs Whitmore via the school office.