Children at Eaton Park Academy thoroughly enjoy their music lessons due to the fact that we have some excellent music teachers in school: Mr Chubb and Mrs Davies. Music is important in all aspects of our lives; we use it to celebrate, to reminisce or to just relax. This is why we value music so much in our school. We hope that as the children progress through the school that they develop a real love for music through the playing of games and the singing of songs. As well as this, the children all have access to their own recorder which they use in their weekly music lessons. As they move through the school, their knowledge and understanding of the instrument develops. We offer guitar, piano, recorder and singing lessons and clubs at our school – including Songbirds in KS1. Furthermore, every Tuesday we have a hymn practice where we come together as a school to celebrate our love of singing together. In addition, Mrs P Mair delivers one to one tuition sessions for various musical instruments.