At Eaton Park Academy, all children, from Reception to Year Six, are taught the appropriate objectives for their year band taken from the National Curriculum 2014 and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for nursery and reception pupils. All mathematics lessons are planned from the National Curriculum and teachers use supporting maths planning documents to ensure that all lessons are planned and delivered at the appropriate pitch and all pupil’s needs are catered for in order for them to reach their potential and to be appropriately challenged.

From Year 2 to Year 6, maths is taught in ability groups that best match the children’s ability and needs. This approach to the delivery of maths ensures that all children’s needs are being appropriately met through personalised teaching approaches with children of similar abilities.

Maths is taught five times a week in all year bands. Three sessions are taught in the usual lesson style and the remaining two sessions are taught through a ‘Big Maths’ session. This session works on a two week rolling program, alternating between a skills focused session and a problem solving and application session. We believe children’s ability to use and apply their mathematical skills is crucial to their mathematical development therefore we continually expose children to a variety of mathematical situations where they can use, apply and challenge their skills and understanding and develop their mathematical language. Opportunities to extend concepts and apply knowledge across the curriculum are taken wherever possible. We have taken on the mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics across the academy.

We place great importance on the children’s ability to calculate mentally and use and apply mental strategies efficiently and effectively to calculate quickly and accurately. As a result of this, a dedicated 20 minute mental maths session is delivered everyday focused up on number and calculation work.

We use a variety of resources to support the delivery of mathematics across the school. Children have access to a variety of resources including practical apparatus, calculators, computer software and mathematical games. All pupils have their own log in details for ‘My Maths’ which they can access at home at all times. We often send maths resources home to help parents to support their children at home with maths activities.

In order to develop and support the children’s basic mathematical skills, maths homework is given on a weekly basis. The length of time and content of the homework depends on the needs of the children and the year band they are in.

The National Curriculum for Mathematics is used in the school as the basis of our maths teaching.

As a school, we have subscribed to DoodleMaths. All pupils have a username and password to log in to DoodleMaths which they have in their reading diaries.

Mathematics Policy:

EPA – Mathematics Policy 18-19