Here at Eaton Park Academy we are one big family, which consists of the children, staff, parents and friends. As a family, we have recently evaluated and reconstructed the homework system to enable it to maximize its impact on the children’s learning and progression whilst at the same time providing enjoyable tasks to complete as a family. We believe that our new homework system will provide the children with the opportunity to continue to learn and practise their basic skills, as well as taking into account the importance of family time.

On a Monday, children will be issued with both spelling and mental maths questions to practise at home ready for a test on Friday. Any children that score full marks on either test receive three house points. A build-up of house points enables the house teams to increase their chance of winning the overall prize for their team. Children will also be rewarded with stickers and certificates to ensure their efforts with their homework are rewarded.

It is an expectation at Eaton Park that all children read at least three times a week at home. This helps to develop and support the reading skills delivered in school. Every time a child returns their reading diary that has been signed to say they have read, they receive a sticker. At the end of each half term, the child in each class who has read at home the most will be able to take home a Kindle for the holidays with a book of their choice downloaded onto it.

We have thought of a new and exciting way to approach topic homework. Topic homework is now sent out to children at the beginning of each topic. The children are all given a topic book to take home which contains a task sheet. The task sheet provides the children with a choice of four different activities to complete, related to their topic. The children are be able to choose two out of the four tasks to complete. This new system enables the children to be more creative whilst providing more freedom when completing the homework. It also provides tasks which enable the children to work with and communicate with their family members to complete tasks and challenges together. The topic homework has to be returned at the end of each topic so that it can be shared, celebrated and rewarded in school.

We ask that you encourage and support your child when completing their homework tasks that they are given, because they do contribute to their learning within school.

Click below to access our academy homework policy:

Homework Policy