At Eaton Park Academy we love history!

Here at Eaton Park, History is integrated into a programme of topics followed throughout the school. This is shown through the Inspire curriculum which we use to deliver our curriculum subjects.

Our pupils are given access to the past through structured teaching of important events in the history of Britain, Europe and other parts of the world. All pupils have the opportunity to study different themes and issues across time and investigate our local history. Our History curriculum allows children to look in depth as well as taking a broad overview of the themes of interest to them whilst developing a curiosity to set them up for future studies.

Learning is rooted in enquiry alongside teachers promoting historical thinking and the acquisition of historical knowledge and understanding. When teaching history we use key questions to direct pupils’ thinking and enquiry about the past. As pupils grow in confidence, they begin to pose and investigate their own questions about the past.

Lessons are delivered by the class teachers and provide a range of opportunities for the pupils. In learning history pupils will use a range of sources such as people, the local environment, photographs, artefacts, written materials & ICT based resources. Enrichment opportunities are provided throughout the school year to enhance pupils learning with exciting school trips.

As a school we are going to be working extremely hard to achieve the Quality Mark award for History, recognising our work across the school.

Please follow the link below to the history national curriculum: