English Speaking Board – ESB

At Eaton Park Academy, we are proud to be starting a programme lead by the English Speaking Board (ESB), with every child. ESB’s mission is, ‘to promote clear, effective communication at all levels by providing high quality assessments, training and services in the UK and around the world, recognising and encouraging the potential of all.’ This programme will help our children at Eaton Park with communication, self-confidence and awareness. In the Early Years, children will be assessed on listening and attention, understanding and speaking. To be awarded Early Steps Badge 1, the children will have to complete 3 sections: ‘Hello and Goodbye’, ‘Join in the Game’ and ‘Join in the Story’. The children’s teacher will be there to support them and the assessment will be completed in small groups.

As the children travel into Year 1, they are encouraged to become more independent, in order to gain their second badge. For Early Steps Badge 2, the children have to complete: ‘Joining in the Game’, ‘Circle Time – speaking by heart’, ‘Circle Time – talking about something special’ and ‘Interacting with Others’. When the children reach Year 2, they begin, ‘Junior Introductory’. This qualification is split into 4 sections: ‘Talk about Something Special’ (2 minutes), ‘Speaking by Heart’ (1 minute), ‘Reading Aloud’ (1 minute) and ‘Listening and Responding’.

Once the children are in KS2, they will have four new award levels to complete – one for each year band. These are: ‘Junior 1 – Year 3’; ‘Junior 2 – Year 4’; ‘Junior 3 – Year 5’; and ‘Junior Medallion (Level 1) – Year 6’. To achieve these qualifications, the children must for each complete a graded examination, which comprises of: a presentation (3 minutes), reciting a poem or prose, reading aloud (2 minutes) and a questions and discussion section. Our aim is that every child will undertake these qualifications and succeed. The exams are undertaken in a relaxed many with an assessor from ESB and a few children from their year band.

Overall, ESB is a fantastic opportunity for our children to develop their own confidence when speaking in front of an audience – a skill which we all know is important for future aspirations, such as job interviews. As well as this, the children will be able to respond well to questions in a clear and concise way, allowing them to express their own opinions clearly. All in all, ESB is a stepping stone to allowing our children to achieve even more later in their lives.