Welcome to our E-safety page which is designed to provide you with information about how we can work together to help to keep our children safe on the internet.

At Eaton Park, the safety of our children is of paramount importance to us. Everyone in our school works in line an acceptable use policy and parents are also asked to sign to give permission for their child to access the internet. When the children access the internet which is heavily filtered, they are continually supervised. Our school network is also monitored by Mr Johnson, our ICT technician, and the children understand that they must inform an adult if they have concerns when they are on the internet.

E-safety in the curriculum

E-Safety Curriculum

E-Safety Policy

E-safety is an embedded part of our computing curriculum, and all of our children receive regular e-safety lessons as part of our E-Safety Curriculum. As well as this, E-safety is incorporated in to other subject areas and we hold regular assemblies about E-Safety throughout the year. We also celebrate Safer Internet Day, which forms part of our E-safety week where the week focuses on an e-safety theme. This year Safer Internet Day will take place on Tuesday 5th February 2019. Parents are actively encouraged to become involved during this week.

The children also learn about the SMART rules and these are displayed in classrooms.

Watch the video below to find out more about the SMART rules.


E-safety for parents

During the school year, we hold E-safety workshops for parents which focus on sharing how E-safety is taught within school, ways they can continue E-safety at home and to provide further information about internet safety. We also ensure that e-safety advice is communicated through letters, text messages or via the school Facebook account or Class Dojo.

We recently held an E-Safety Workshop for parents. Parental feedback can be read below.

Online Safety Workshop – parent comments 31.01.2018

Eaton Park Parents Online Safety Evaluation Summary Jan 2018

If, as a parent, you would like further information, support or guidance about E-safety, please speak to your child’s class teacher or Mr Copestake, our E-safety leader.