At Eaton Park Academy, we strive to provide our children with a fun and interesting curriculum, within which everyone can achieve their best. Our aim is to create independent and confident learners, who are equipped with a wide variety of skills that they can use in the future. We firmly believe that every child is unique, and that everyone should be given the opportunity to be successful.

English and Maths are delivered on a daily basis and we are committed to ensuring that all children are equipped with the basic skills that they are then able to use across all areas of learning. The use of technology and an innovative approach to teaching and learning are key to us in delivering Maths and English in a creative way. Throughout the academy, from EYFS to Year 6, we use the Pearson Bug Club reading scheme for the delivery of reading. Phonics in FS and KS1 is taught using a synthetic phonics programme that follows the principles of Letters and Sounds. From Y2 upwards, phonic knowledge is combined with Read Write Inc Spelling to ensure progression.

We are committed to delivering a curriculum that:

  • Creates an ethos of achievement and success for everyone
  • Meets the learning needs of ALL of our children
  • Encourages our children to be the best that they can be
  • Develops creative thinking, independence and innovation
  • Makes learning real and relevant for our children
  • Fun and interesting learning opportunities

At Eaton Park Academy we have decided to follow the Inspire Curriculum to support the delivery of the 2014 National Curriculum. This curriculum closely matches the aims that we are committed to delivering and provides a fun and innovative approach.

There are 54 topics within the Inspire Curriculum and each class will cover six topics over the academic year, two per term. Our Academy is using the Inspire Curriculum to teach children Science, Geography, History, Art, Computing, Art and Design, Design Technology and Languages. PE and Music are delivered on a weekly basis by specialist teachers and the National Curriculum is delivered in each of these subjects. RE and PSHE are taught discretely.

Each topic is planned progressively, and there is a launch lesson for every topic. At the beginning of each topic, teachers will send home an outline of what will be taught in the topic. This will mean parents are fully informed about what the children are learning and the excitement of learning can continue at home.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom and we offer a range of enrichment activities to enhance the children’s learning. This includes a trip per term, visitors into school, use of the local area, residential trips and a wide range of extra curricular activities to name but a few.

If you would like further information regarding the curriculum, please contact Miss Lowe at the Academy.

Overview of year bands topics:

KS1-KS2 Curriculum topic overview 17-18

Whole school curriculum map 2017-2018

Reception Long Term Plan 2017-2018

Nursery Long Term Plan 2017-2018

Overview of enrichment trips for the academic year 2017-2018:

Enrichment Information Overview 2017-2018

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