Curriculum Design at Eaton Park Academy

EPA Intent, Implementation & Impact 19-20


At Eaton Park Academy, our curriculum is designed for learning which we define as ‘a change to the long-term memory’. It is built around the whole child, and we are committed to ensuring our children gain, develop and retain a common body of essential knowledge needed for long term success as well as providing a range of opportunities and experiences which enable them to develop and flourish socially, emotionally, physically and artistically. The success of our curriculum is underpinned by its structure, organisation and content which include what we must teach and what our staff know is essential to teach for our children in the local community. This is brought together through our aims and values.

Our primary aim is to ensure that our children are provided with an outstanding curricular offer which develops the whole child and meets their unique needs. We ensure our children experience a wide breadth of curriculum subjects which are shaped by curriculum drivers which derive from the backgrounds of our children, our beliefs about high quality education, cultural capital by fostering our six core values: moral, adaptable, successful, thoughtful, enthusiastic and respectful and our primary aim to provide our children with vital knowledge to be informed and thoughtful members of the community who understand and demonstrate the key British Values and subject topics which grasp children’s interests and engagement and our ambition for our children to learn progressively and gradually, ensuring they develop a rich body of connective and meaningful knowledge.

The school’s focus on curriculum development has been carefully designed to ensure rich, progressive coverage, ensuring it provides our children with memorable, learning experiences as well as rich and diverse opportunities whereby our children can learn and grow as an individual, gaining crucial knowledge and skills. We firmly believe that every child is unique and that everyone should be given the opportunity to be successful. Our curriculum design ensures concepts and knowledge is built upon progressively and provides many opportunities for children to repeat previous learning and practise essential knowledge and skills in and across different subjects. It ensures that children don’t just cover curriculum content but learn it, developing depth so that they can make links and use and apply their knowledge and skills in an array of contexts. We ensure our children’s learning experiences are meaningful, linking together new and current knowledge, skills and concepts so children make progress, which we define as ‘extending and deepening skills, knowledge and understanding’. This ensures that our children develop a deep and meaningful knowledge base through the development of the same content rather than moving onto new content all of the time and developing no real understanding.

We are on a journey with our curriculum design and development, evolving from the Cornerstones curriculum which we use as a vehicle for our curriculum design. Our broad and balanced curriculum incorporates all of the National Curriculum subjects which are all equally valued within our curriculum delivery. We provide a thematic approach which immerses children into engaging and inspiring topics in which subjects are integrated. This enables learning to be interlinked, ensuring our children are exposed to a wide variety of connected learning concepts and activities. Teachers make subjects explicit using subject names to ensure that our children recognise how knowledge and skills are subject related but also how they can be interrelated to support different areas of learning. Some subjects are taught discretely to ensure clear and concise progression is not lost, but clear links are made in learning and across subjects. The National Curriculum content underpins our curriculum. Teachers plan a wide range of activities and experiences focused on the objectives which stimulate and excite our children and enable them to learn best, ensuring content is delivered progressively and at the appropriate pace to allow for depth. Real life and relevant opportunities are provided for the children which add value to the intended outcomes. Regular educational visits are provided to enrich and extend the learning that takes place within the classroom.

English and Maths are delivered as discrete subjects, but appropriate cross curricular links are made to ensure children can use and apply their learning across different subjects. Texts used within English support and enhance learning in wider curriculum subjects and enable children to make links within their learning. We are committed to ensuring that all children are equipped with the basic skills that they are then able to use across all areas of learning. Throughout the academy, from EYFS to Year 6, we use the Pearson Bug Club reading scheme for the delivery of reading. Phonics in EYFS and KS1 is taught using a synthetic phonics programme that follows the principles of Letters and Sounds. From Y2 upwards, phonic knowledge is combined with Read Write Inc Spelling to ensure progression.

The range of experiences we offer support and champion our culture and ensures that our children benefit from a full range of academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities. They provide opportunity for children to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as their personal character and enable them to exercise their understanding and beliefs of British Values in the diverse society in which they belong. We are very proud that our curriculum provides our children with the knowledge, confidence, skills, determination and resilience to be active members of society, encouraging them to work hard, aim high and work towards their aspirations. Eaton Park has a talented and highly qualified music teacher who extends our music curricular offer after school. Children are taught PE and sport by a highly skilled and passionate qualified sports coach who provides an outstanding physical education curriculum offer and offers a range of sporting clubs to enrich the curriculum. These clubs are in addition to the plethora of other clubs within our curricular offer to our pupils and families which are highly popular. These include Bug Club, cookery club,  dance, story time, craft club, JASS and experiment club to name just a few. Our vast grounds including several outdoor learning areas and an allotment mean outdoor learning is commonplace and forest schools forms apart of our curriculum offer, developing personal character.

The health and well being of our children is a high priority as we recognise that our children won’t be the well-rounded individuals we want them to be if they don’t feel happy, safe and emotionally secure; therefore, our curriculum design encompasses a range of sporting and well-being activities which support and develop the children in these areas. Our curriculum approach is also flexible to ensure pupil well-being is continually supported and we can fully aid and support our children. This is further supported by the delivery of our PSHE scheme, Jigsaw. Philosophy for children forms apart of our curriculum design and offers our children the chance to raise questions, discuss important issues/topics, debate arising topic matters and listen to the views of others whilst sharing their own views.

Subject leaders are key to our ever-developing curriculum and its success by leading a regular programme of monitoring, evaluation, review and championing. They develop and communicate the design of our curriculum and its implementation and regularly hold pupil interviews and undertake books scans and learning walks in order to check on knowledge and skill acquisition. The curriculum design ensures that the needs of individual and small groups of children can be met within the environment of high quality first teaching, supported by targeted, proven interventions where appropriate. In this way, it can be seen to impact in a very positive way on pupil outcomes. Enjoyment of the curriculum oozes from our children and promotes achievement, confidence and impeccable behaviour. Creatively produced topic books give children a sense of pride in their work, and they love to show off their successes and share their knowledge with others. High quality visits and workshops enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities for writing for a purpose.

Our curriculum is more than just broad and balanced, it is meticulously planned building on knowledge and skills, inspiring and coherent to enable us to achieve our overall aim of developing the whole child and meeting the needs of our children.

If you would like further information regarding the curriculum, please contact Mrs Bell at the Academy.

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The ways in which we measure the impact of our curriculum include the following:

  •  Talking to the children and pupil learning talks
  •  Looking at children’s books over time
  •  Learning walks
  •  Curriculum showcases
  •  Weekly learning recall
  •  Children’s knowledge maps
  •  Lesson observations to see if pedagogical styles match our intent and ensure to produce the outcomes in the long-run.
  •  End of topic quizzes / unit assessments
  •  Subject reviews
  •  Pupil outcomes
  •  Assessment tracking
  •  Progress tasks
  •  Preparation for transition
  •  The continued links with our children once they have left and moved to secondary schoo