As part of the new 2014 National Curriculum, the government replaced ICT with a new subject, known as Computing. Within the Computing curriculum, there is a greater focus on not only how software works and operates, but also how computer systems work and are programmed.  Through the use of iPads and laptops, children are provided with access to a range of programmes to develop their computing skills and digital literacy.

Within each topic that is covered in the different year bands, children will use software including Microsoft Office to produce documents, presentations and spreadsheets, along with Scratch to program animations and Microsoft Movie Maker to create short films and clips using green screen technology.

We ensure that there is a strong focus on e safety. We teach children how to keep themselves safe and to treat others with respect. Children consider how their online actions impact other people, the importance of keeping passwords and personal data secure and observing the terms and conditions for web services they use such as the 13+ age restriction on sites such as Facebook.

Children are taught that if they ever feel worried about anything they see on the internet, they should share their concerns with a parent or teacher and that they can talk directly to the police or in confidence to counsellors at Childline.