Teachers: Mrs Smith and Mrs Byrne
EYP: Mrs Bourne
TA: Mrs J. Bourne

What we are learning:
In the autumn term, we will study two topics:
– Why do squirrels hide their nuts?
– What happens when I fall asleep?

The heart of the Foundation Stage curriculum is to develop and enhance the skills and attributes the children need to be effective learners. These skills include resilience, motivation and problem solving. Our provision enables the children to explore all aspects of curriculum through teacher directed, guided and independent tasks. Opportunities for purposeful play are woven into the busy school day.
English, Maths, Phonics and Topic lessons will be taught every day in school through interactive, fun teacher led sessions. The children will then be given lots of opportunities to apply their new learning and skills.

Supporting your child at home:
– The children will be bringing home a home reading book and a set of tricky words to practise each week.
– Your child will have a ‘Bug Club’ reading account. This is an amazing resource to support your child’s reading and comprehension skills.
– Developing independence at home by encouraging your child to dress themselves and cut their own food.
– Develop your child’s vocabulary by sharing stories, introducing new words and just talking!