Celebration assembly – awards

At Eaton Park, we believe in celebrating the successes of our children. We celebrate all aspects of pupils’ successes.

Each week, we have a celebration assembly for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 pupils, where children are chosen and awarded the following rewards:

  • Principal’s award
  • Star of the week for achievement
  • Star of the week for effort
  • Star of the week for attitude
  • Star of the week for lunchtime
  • House point winner

The purpose of these awards is to celebrate the individual successes of the children and to recognise their achievements across all areas of school life.

Foundation Stage celebration assembly takes place on a Monday at 9am in the KS2 hall

KS1 & KS2 celebration assembly takes place on a Friday at 9am in the KS2 hall.

Parents and friends are invited to join us for these assemblies.

The Reception class are presented with awards based on their achievements across a range of areas. Children who receive these awards are presented with a certificate. There is also an independent challenge award; when children complete an independent challenge they receive a sticker. After achieving ten stickers, the children are awarded a prize in assembly.

During our celebration assemblies, we also celebrate pupils’ achievements outside of school including Karate, competitions and swimming successes. In addition, we have a house team system across key stage one and two and their successes are celebrated during the assembly. We find out which House Team has won the most house points during the week.  At the end of each half term, the House Team with the most points wins a reward for the whole of the team. The class with the highest attendance for the week is announced, and there is a reward for the children in the class – this is often pizza as a real treat!

Principal’s afternoon tea

Those children who are awarded the Principal’s award are invited to join the Senior and Co Principal for afternoon tea the following week which includes a cup of tea or juice and a scrumptious cupcake. They also wear the Principal’s badge for the week to celebrate their success. The children absolutely love afternoon tea – it’s a real treat!

“I love having afternoon tea with Mrs Brammer and Miss Lowe. It makes me feel extra special.’ (Hannah, Year 5)

‘Afternoon tea is great! My favourite part was eating my yummy cake.’ (Oliver, Year 1)

‘I love afternoon tea because I enjoyed spending time with Miss Lowe and Mrs Brammer.’ (Rosie, Year 5)

‘I think it is great!’ (Lincoln, Year 2)

‘I believe afternoon tea is a great prize: not only do you get yummy treats, you get to relax and have lovely conversations with the rest of your Eaton Park family.’

(Charlotte, Year 6)

‘I really like afternoon tea. You get to know other children better, and my favourite part was eating cake and sitting with your friends who also won afternoon tea.’

(Layla, Year 4)