Teacher: Mr Copestake

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hollins

Welcome to 5C! Home to 31 talented and very hardworking children. This year, we are lucky enough to have the dream team – Mrs. Hollins and Mr. Copestake! Our class of 31 children are always ready and willing to learn, work hard and have fun! Mr Copestake always tries to make learning enjoyable and keeps his standards high while our super teaching assistant Mrs Hollins is always helping children with things they find difficult and keeping Mr Copestake in-line.

We would like to share some information with you about life in 5C.
5C is an environment where learning is always ongoing and everybody is motivated to do their very best. The children are always willing to share ideas and participate in classroom discussions to enhance everybody’s learning. In our class, we believe that working together as a team helps us to all do well and enjoy what we are doing. We are not afraid of making mistakes as we all know that we can learn from them, and that is what we are here to do!

Year 5 are given homework every Monday that can always be used in our lessons to help us; we also turn our many splendid ideas into imaginary creations in our topic homework, including making masks, costumes and writing stories. We even have children that go ‘above and beyond’ and produce additional work that we then share to benefit the rest of the class.

Our school’s MASTER passport values are really important to each of us, and we always strive to demonstrate them to show that we are true Eaton Park People.

We hope you have enjoyed meeting us and we hope you can see how fantastic life and learning is in 5C!