Teacher: Mr Bell

Teaching Assistant: Miss Monaghan

Welcome to Class 5B! Step into our classroom and you will find a wonderful group of courteous, respectful and hard-working children who will always provide you with a warm welcome. Our lessons are always full of challenges that we strive to overcome through a positive attitude, teamwork and lots of laughs. Our class teacher is Mr Bell and our teaching assistant is Miss Monaghan. They – along with Miss Robbins and Miss Birch – provide us with great support and a lot of fun. We experience lots of different subjects and have opportunities to try new things every day – it is certainly ever dull!

As we move higher in the academy, we have greater responsibility and are determined to show this in everything we do; we have high expectations and goals and are dedicated to setting a great example of being an Eaton Park person to fellow pupils, staff and visitors.

What We Are Learning

Over the course of this year, we will encounter many interesting and fun-filled activities to develop our understanding across the curriculum. Our English sessions are currently linked to the incredible ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ by Brian Selznick – a book we are desperate to explore more and more of. This is just the first of many interesting texts we will uncover this year!

We have some brilliant topics that we are so enthusiastic about uncovering learning about. Starting the year exploring the globe during ‘Around the World’, we will be broadening our knowledge about major nations, cities and landmarks along with discussing key issues regarding climate change. We will then take to the stars in our space topic, ‘Stargazers’ before learning about the key historical eras of the Tudors and Ancient Egyptians in ‘Off With Her Head!’ and ‘Pharaohs’.

Throw in developing our sporting and computing skills, exploring artistic techniques and world religions as well as keeping up-to-date with current affairs and we will never miss and opportunity to learn.

Helping Us at Home

Homework will be sent home each Monday, with maths needing to be returned on a Friday and spellings tested the following Monday. We also have the fantastic Bug Club reading programme, which children are encouraged to read on at least once a week at home alongside their reading book; children are required to read at least three times a week, with a challenge set for five times.

Most importantly, ask your children about what they have been learning in their subjects, share your knowledge with them and feel free to look further into some of our topic areas together.