Teacher: Miss Torr

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sherwin

Welcome to 4T! We have 33 enthusiastic children accompanied by our teacher Miss Torr and our teaching assistant Mrs Sherwin. As you can imagine, with 33 of us our classroom is very busy with all of the learning that we are engaged in. We love to learn new and exciting skills, both academic and about everyday life skills. In 4T, we love engaging in practical hands on activities to support our learning- this is how we learn best!

Our Learning

Our favourite time of the week has to be our rainbow timestable test. We work extremely hard to master our time stables to progress along our rainbow to the pot of gold. We are also working very hard to improve our handwriting. Practice makes perfect!

During the Autumn Term, our topic is ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’. We are looking forward to learning all about the world and UK mountain ranges, using our maps knowledge to locate these and to understand their formation.

Our other topics thoughout the year include ‘Road Trip USA’ , exploring the Celts, Romans and Saxons and also ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ where we will explore the amazing human body and its processes.

During our English Lessons, we will be working hard to add detail To our writing using expanded noun phrases and figurative language, recreating our favourite texts by our favourite authors, including Rhoald Dahl and David Walliams. Through this, we will be focusing on using accurate punctuation. This is something we really enjoy, being able to explain when are where we use different pieces of punctuation.

As a class, we experience lots of different lessons and we get to learn in many different ways. We always work hard and our teachers award us with house points, Dojo’s, certificates and weekly awards.

Our school values are really important to each of us, and we always strive to demonstrate them to show that we are true Eaton Park People.