Teacher: Miss Jennings

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sherwin

In our class, there are 30 of us, plus our teacher Miss Jennings and our teaching assistant Mrs Sherwin, who care for us all. We are eager learners, and we love to talk about our work and learning!

We’ve had a fantastic start to the New Year! We are working hard to ensure our attendance is fabulous this, and that we each achieve our best.

4J is a busy learning environment where you will always find us working very hard and enjoying our lessons. Miss Jennings has very high expectations, which will motivate us to achieve our best.

We have just launched our topic – Amazing Amazon. Throughout this topic we will develop our understanding of rainforests and use atlases to help us identify countries with rainforests on a map. In our next topic, we will be exploing the topic It’s a Small World.

In English, we use many different texts to enhance and support our learning. Some we will be using this year include: The Witches and The Iron Man. We love to read and delve deep into various different books.

On a Thursday we have Music with our specialist music teacher, Mr Chubb, which we have really enjoyed previously and we are looking forward to developing our musical skills further. Also on a Wednesday, we have PE with our PE specialist, Mr Bell, and he teaches us many different sports including dodge ball, football and dance. It’s one of our favourite lessons of the week!

In year 4, we encourage the children to read at home each night – which will be super exciting now with the addition of Bug Club. Children will also have the opportunity to visit our library and loan books. As a reward, the child that reads the most each half term in 4J will get to take a kindle home with a choice of book to read over the holiday. As well as reading, the children will be expected to practise their spellings and their mental maths focus – learning their tables. These will be tested every Friday and their scores will be sent home.

Both staff and children are looking forward to the exciting learning that lies ahead.