Teacher: Miss Fowler-Hill

TA: Mrs James

When you enter 2F-H, you will see a room full of 32 smartly dressed, well-mannered children who are all very hard working and want to achieve their best. You will also find two teachers who are very proud of each individual super star in 2F-H.
We can be found along the Key Stage One corridor – look for our inviting smiles, our laughter and our excitement through learning and please do come in and visit us as we love to share our learning with our friends and family!
We are all very excited about being in Year Two and have had a fabulous start to the year with our new teachers. We are working hard to increase our attendance each week by ensuring our friends join us in class each day.

In 2F-H, we love to share each other’s achievements and enjoy being able to celebrate our success with both our parents and fellow peers. Each week the children who achieves in lessons, gets time to present their work. We love sharing all our experiences from home and school.
In Key Stage One, we are also very lucky to have had a new play area which we love to explore with our friends.

Our Learning:
During the school year, we have lots of exciting topics to cover, such as: ‘Land Ahoy’, ‘Tunnels and Turrets’, ‘Street Detectives’ and ‘Bounce’. We are looking forward to going to Blue Plant to see the sharks! Keep an eye out for our pictures. During the first term our topic is ‘’Land Ahoy’ and we will be learning about famous ships from the past and the adventures of Captain Cook. In science, we will be learning about materials and their uses. We will be able to extend our learning in all areas of the curriculum including Music with Mrs Davis and PE with Mr Bell. Throughout the year we will be enjoying visits to support our learning, with the first one being to Blue Planet Aquarium- we can’t wait!

In 2F-H we love to write. During writing this term, we are working really hard to improve our handwriting ready to impress Mrs Bell. Come in and have a look. In English, we will be learning how to write exciting sentences, which have perfect punctuation. We will also be continuing to improve our spelling and handwriting in our daily lessons. Through our English, we get the opportunity to discover lots of different writing styles over the academic year. We will be working hard to write using conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. To help stimulate and engage us to write, we will read and explore the events and characters in a variety of picture and story books.

In Mathematics, we are now beginning to consolidate all of the mathematical skills we have learnt so far. There will be a high focus for mental and written methods for addition and subtraction. We work extremely hard to make sure we can recall our 2, 5 and 10 times tables as these are at the foundations of Mathematics and can help us in many different ways.

We like to be able to write in a calm and relaxed environment and we really enjoy being able to have the music on because this helps us to produce our best work. Please ask us all about it.

Helping us at home:
You can help us at home by hearing us read every night, testing us on our mental maths and practising our weekly spellings with us.
Our topic homework is always fun but sometimes we might need a little help! Don’t forget to log in to our Dojo page to find out what fun we are having and any messages to be sent home. In mathematics our learning will focus on mental calculations, learning our timetables and reinforcing our understanding of place value.