Welcome to 2B

Teacher: Mrs Ball

Teaching Assistant: Miss Wilton

We are class 2B and there are 30 of us, so Mrs Ball and Miss Wilton are kept very busy! We can be found in the classroom next to the main Key Stage One entrance – look for our colourful bunting, vibrant displays and our stripy blinds.

We love to read a wide range of books, but also enjoy listening to the stories Mrs Ball read to us- our class novel is Matilda, by Roald Dahl.

May is a very important month for us as it is when we complete our SATs, but we understand the importance of working hard and are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

What We Are Learning

During the first term our topic is ‘Town Mouse, Country Mouse’ and we will be exploring different habitats and looking at the similarities and differences between living in the city and living in the country.

We will be able to extend our learning in all areas of the curriculum including Music with Mrs Davis and PE with Mr Bell. Throughout the year, we will be enjoying visits to some local and not so local attractions.

During the spring term our topic is ‘Sowing and Growing’. This topic has a focus on sowing and growing our own food from seeds. In science, they will grow cress and beans and will find out about the conditions these seeds need to grow. To learn to think more scientifically we will observe our growing produce carefully and record the changes we see.

Our summer term topics are ‘National Celebration’ and ‘Trading Places’. During these two topics we learn about the history of the royal family, celebrations that happen as a country and compare the two Queens. In our final topic we research Brazil, and begin compare and contrast Brazil with the UK.

In English, we get the opportunity to discover lots of different writing styles over the academic year.  To help stimulate and engage us to write, we will read and explore the events and characters in a variety of picture and story books. We will be working hard to write interesting sentences using perfect punctuation for KS1, both co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions and expanded noun phrases.

In Mathematics, we are now beginning to consolidate all of the mathematical skills we have learnt so far. There will be a high focus for mental and written methods for addition and subtraction. Alongside this, we will be applying our understanding of all areas to solve and reason with problems across the curriculum. As well we work extremely hard to make sure we can recall our 2, 5 and 10 times tables as these are at the foundation of Mathematics and can help us in many different ways. Because we like to work our mathematician brains, we will also learn our 3 times tables early.

All of the above will support and prepare us for our end of Key Stage Assessments.

Helping Us at Home

You can help us at home by hearing us read every night, testing us on our mental maths and helping us to learn our weekly spellings with us. Our topic homework is always fun, but sometimes we might need a little help! When we are out shopping, maybe you could let us write the shopping list or find the correct money to pay with.